Agribusiness Conversations


Investment Opportunities with LandFund Partner’s CEO, John Farris

Join myself and John Farris, CEO and Founder, of LandFund Partners to discuss his business model and how LandFund acquires, manages and improves row crop farmland properties in the lower Mississippi River Valley. John's business and managers have deep roots, local relationships and care deeply about the stewardship of the land they invest in. LandFund currently manages over 30,000 acres across its pooled investment vehicles and Direct Investment Accounts. It's an exciting time for LandFund, and I hope Agribusiness Conversations listeners can take part in their investment opportunities!


Farm Flight - nationwide, advanced precision agriculture mapping services with Sam Baker

Farm Flight is a Tucson startup business that saw a need for on demand aerial agriculture mapping services. Farm Flight has been on the podcast before to discuss the advancements in drone technology when it comes to agriculture, its applications, and what the future for drone technology and machine learning software might look like for the industry. Since the first recording on Agribusiness Conversations, Farm Flight has made huge strides in their business. For farmers nationwide this means that they now have access to on demand aerial mapping services with consistent data and prices!


Rural Telecommunications Cooperatives - with Valley Telecom Group CEO, Steve Metts

Telecommunications - improving productivity, increasing market access, and expanding marketing options for rural producers. What would our lives and businesses look like without telephones, internet, and the amazing advancements of the communications industry? I don't know! But, I do know this! Without advancements, telecommuting would not be an option, online/direct market sales would not exist, GPS guided tractors would have serious limitations, and social media platforms and marketing would be gone... what a world right? Dive into the latest episode of Agribusiness Conversations with Valley Telecom Cooperative’s CEO, Steve Metts, to understand just how interconnected and evolved the telecommunications industry is and how it impacts us all! 


AZ Queen Bee - bee removal and honey - with Audra Waddle

I have been fascinated by bees since I was a kid. I think it is safe to say most of us were and so was AZ Queen Bee founder Audra Waddle. Audra's expertise is bee rescue and removal. But, she also has some of the most unique honey products I have ever tasted. Join me as I discuss with her how she got started, what she has learned, how her products ended up on grocery store shelves, and what advice she would give to new bee keepers!


Anti-Average Leadership & Courageous Producer / Consumer Conversations with Sarah J. Bohnenkamp

What does leadership look like during a pandemic? I dive into that with Sarah Bohnenkamp! We touch base on the challenges we are all facing in our personal lives and professional lives, how to engage in healthy and fruitful conversations with consumers, stepping up online, and why empathy is critical at all times (not just during a crisis). Sarah comes to the Agribusiness Conversations' lineup with executive level leadership in both the banking and agriculture industries. 


Copper Star Beef with Matt Herrington

What is Copper Star Beef? Well, in short, it's Arizona beef raised by Arizona ranchers harvested for Arizona consumers. However, to give you more information, Copper Star Beef is a voluntary quality standards program focused on genetics for efficiency and marbling, optimal livestock health, and low stress management coupled with Beef Quality Assurance practices to produce a great local product. Join myself and Matt Herrington, the visionary behind Copper Star Beef, to learn more about how you can participate, how it can help your bottom line, and why Matt started working on this in the first place. 


Save Arizona Business with Bryan Azeka

Save Arizona Business was created by Bryan Azeka and a small team of entrepreneurial educators and digital experts located in Chandler, Arizona. They realized immediately that the livelihoods of their local fellow business owners were at stake due to the pandemic and still are at stake as businesses large and small are facing a "new normal".  We are witnessing the largest need for businesses to move online in the internet’s history and Byran and his team of experts wanted to use their unique skill-sets to help. Learn how they can help you and your business today!


Cultivating Balance, Boundaries, and Heartfelt Conversations

It is safe to say we are living in unprecedented times, and that means unusual stressors. Many families are trying to figure out how to home school or go online for school, how to go to the grocery store safely, and how to connect with family virtually. And farm and ranch families are trying to figure out labor issues, supply chain issues, and watching an unpredictable economy and commodities market unfold before their eyes. It’s time like these that I seek the wisdom of my friend, Sherry Saylor - a guidance counselor, a farmer, and a calming voice of reason and friendship.


The Ranch Raised Kids project with Seth Joel and Charlie Holland

Join me as I interview, Seth Joel and Charlie Holland,  professional photographers and the creators of the  project, Ranch Raised Kids. They were inspired by the amazing children that they met on ranches in Arizona and the project has expanded to California. The kids photographed are proud to represent the ranching lifestyle. They take Seth and Charlie along with them to do the work that they do every day. Seth's photographs show the reality, not the myth, of contemporary ranching. 


Hickman’s Family Farms - with Bill Sr., Gertie, and Sharman Hickman

This episode takes a step back in time to 1944 when Hickman's Family Farms was in its infancy. Enjoy as Bill Sr. and Gertie Hickman talk about the Farm's humble beginnings, what they are most proud of, and what business advice they would give to up-and-coming agriculturalists. Sharman, their daughter, has fun stories to share about her childhood responsibilities, what she enjoys most about working in the family business, and both her and her mom share the "secret" family recipe! 

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